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Halloween Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry Necklaces - Gothic Jewelry - Costume Jewelry Rings

Many types of accessories can add to the flair of a costume. Jewelry is an example of an accessory that can complement just about any type of Halloween costume. Ladies and men use jewelry as everyday accessories to their respective wardrobes so it is an easy transition to use jewelry with Halloween costumes and costumes for other occasions.
Blood Moon Pendant Necklace
Price: $44.99
Bleeding Heart Necklace
Price: $89.99
Bleeding Heart Earrings
Price: $49.99
Vampyr Pendant Necklace
Price: $14.99
Dead Man's Cuff Bracelet
Price: $54.99
LED Flashing Tube Bracelet
Price: $3.99
Tribal Beaded Choker Top - Turquise
Price: $24.99
Skeleton Hands Choker
Price: $19.99
Large Brass Winged Horus
Price: $14.99
Vintage Lace Choker with Pendant
Price: $19.99

Costume Jewelry

The Halloween Mart has a wonderful collection of costume jewelry necklaces and costume jewelry rings that serve as excellent additions to the selection of Halloween costumes Halloween Mart sells.

The Halloween Mart was first established back in 1994. This was the first company to sell costumes online for Halloween, other major holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and other events such as beauty pageants. The success of the Halloween Mart for over fifteen years can be attributed to solid customer service, great prices on costumes and accessories such as gothic jewelry and a tremendous selection on all merchandise. Today that selection has surpassed 10,000 costumes and the Halloween Mart has plenty of accessories such as costume jewelry necklaces and costume jewelry rings to coordinate with any costume.

Halloween Mart does not offer cheap jewelry to its clients. The gothic jewelry sold by the Halloween Mart will be quality merchandise and much of the jewelry sold could be easily worn for everyday use as well as for Halloween.

The selection of costume jewelry necklaces from Halloween Mart is very extensive, making it easy for any customer to find the right piece of jewelry for just about every type of outfit sold by the Halloween Mart. Gentlemen looking for costume jewelry necklaces that will complement a pimp or hip hop artist costume could select either an old school gold chain, dollar necklace or a pimp chain gold. Other examples of costume jewelry necklaces from the Halloween Mart are peace sign necklaces, female gender necklaces and male gender pendants. These costume jewelry necklaces are perfect for Halloween or any 60s themed party.

Costume jewelry rings make great costume accessories as well. Take a look at the collection of costume jewelry rings that include steampunk keyhole rings, flashing skull rings, large Victorian rings, vampire red rings and diamond look rings.

The gothic style of dress is a very popular fashion style, particularly with teenagers, and gothic jewelry is a vital component of any gothic outfit or costume. The Halloween Mart has gothic jewelry for sale in styles such as skull and crossbones necklaces, vampire skull bracelets, winged skeleton necklaces and gothic medallions.

There are many more styles of gothic jewelry, costume jewelry necklaces and costume jewelry rings for sale from the Halloween Mart. Be sure to take a look at the jewelry selection currently available from Halloween Mart to match up with a great looking Halloween costume. The Halloween Mart has the best costumes for all major holidays and special events at the best prices!

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Results 201-210 of 210123456