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Fifties Costume Accessories

Holiday Accessories - Santa Beard And Wig - Santa Hats

All of the holiday costumes from the Halloween Mart make great outfits for that particular holiday as well as being a great outfit to wear for Halloween. However, many times a simple Santa Claus costume, Uncle Sam outfit or Cupid costume is not enough. Most of the costumes from the Halloween Mart come with some additional accessories, but for customers that want even more there are plenty of holiday accessories including a Santa beard and wig and Santa hats for Christmas.
Green Leprechaun Beard
Price: $4.99
Green Leprechaun Moustache
Price: $3.99
Mardi Gras Boa - 60 gr, 72"
Price: $9.99
Green Leprechaun Sideburns
Price: $3.00
Mini Glitter Top Hat Green w/Veil
Price: $10.00

Holiday Accessories

The Halloween Mart is proud to offer costumes for many major holidays of the year that include Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween.

The Halloween Mart was established back in 1994. More than fifteen years later Halloween Mart remains a vital source for Halloween costumes and costumes for other events like the Renaissance Faire because the company practices outstanding customer service, offers a great collection of merchandise and sells costumes and accessories at affordable prices. Holiday accessories and costumes from the Halloween Mart are always sold at discounted prices below regular retail.

Halloween Mart has grown into an online resource that offers more than 10,000 styles of costumes and many accessories to complement every costume wardrobe. All of the holiday costumes sold by Halloween Mart become even better when the right holiday accessories are added to the mix.

Holiday accessories for Valentine’s Day include a Cupid bow and arrow set and a Cupid kit. The Halloween Mart Cupid kit comes with red feather wings and a plush bow and arrow. Both of these holiday accessories are perfect complements to any Cupid or other Valentine’s Day outfit.

There are quite a few options in holiday accessories for St. Patrick’s Day. Customers can buy holiday accessories such as Irish garters, green suspenders, a St. Patty’s 4-leaf clover tie, shamrock platform shoes or a velvet shamrock top hat. St. Patrick’s Day holiday accessories are perfect for anyone wishing to dress as a leprechaun when celebrating the holiday.

The Christmas holiday accessories, which include a Santa beard and wig and Santa hats are particularly impressive. Many people love to dress as Santa Claus while handing out gifts to kids in the family, so the Halloween Mart makes sure to have a supply of great looking Santa costumes and holiday accessories. Santa hats come in a variety of styles in addition to his classic red and white stocking. The Halloween Mart also has Santa hats with sparkles added to the hat and silver Santa hats. The Santa beard and wig set completes any Santa outfit because let’s face it, Santa without the white beard and head of hair just isn’t Santa Claus!

All of the holiday costumes from Halloween Mart can be worn for Halloween as well, so the holiday accessories found when shopping from the Halloween Mart can be used over and over. The Halloween Mart has a great collection of holiday costumes, Santa hats and a Santa beard and wig that are simply perfect for Christmas and other costume occasions throughout the year!

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Results 41-56 of 5612