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Hawaiian Costume Accessories

Hawaiian Leis - Coconut Bra - Grass Skirts

Who says one has to go travel to Hawaii to experience all the fine things the state has to offer! Hawaii is a beautiful area with a climate that stays constant year round, plenty of beaches, lots of surfing and one of the mellowest atmospheres in the world. The outfits that are worn by the people of Hawaii make great costumes in the continental United States. When someone is looking to add a coconut bra, grass skirts or Hawaiian leis to a costume Halloween Mart is the place to look!
Hawaiian Flower Bra
Price: $4.99
Hawaiian Leaf Bikini Top
Price: $5.99
Flower Leaf Skirt - 28"
Price: $9.99
Hawaiian Bra Coconut
Price: $7.99
Hawaiian Grass Skirt
Price: $9.99
Hawaiian Shell Bra
Price: $7.99
Hawaiian Shoes
Price: $2.99
Jamacian Leaf Lei
Price: $6.99
Hawaiian Lei
Price: $4.99
Hawaiian Jumbo Lei
Price: $4.99

Hawaiian Leis

The Halloween Mart has been selling high quality costumes and costume accessories since 1994. Back in the early nineties there were still no online sources that specialized in selling Halloween costumes and costumes for other holidays such as Christmas and events such as office parties. Once the Halloween Mart was created customers had an online resource that offered great customer service, affordable prices on all merchandise and a great selection of costumes and accessories. All of the costumes sold by Halloween Mart and accessories such as Hawaiian leis and grass skirts are sold at discounted prices.

Today the Halloween Mart sells more than 10,000 high quality costumes and offers many accessories to complement any of the great styles offered. When an individual needs a Hawaiian outfit for Hawaiian themed parties, luaus and trips to the beach, the Halloween Mart has grass skirts for the guys and a coconut bra for the ladies that are perfect for the occasion.

The Hawaiian coconut bra is a unique piece of clothing. Yes, it is an actual bra and yes, the cups for the bra are actual coconuts! This is a sexy piece to wear for Halloween or a Hawaiian themed party. The coconut bra can be a part of any good looking Hawaiian costume.

Grass skirts can be worn by the men or women when dressing Hawaiian style. Hawaiian grass skirts are essential pieces of clothing for any luau or limbo party. Women wearing a coconut bra will find that grass skirts are the perfect bottom pieces of clothing when wearing the coconut bra.

Hawaiian leis may be the signature costume accessories for any Hawaiian costume. The Halloween Mart has an outstanding selection of Hawaiian leis in many colors and sizes. Take a look at the Hawaiian leis and jumbo Hawaiian leis that are offered from Halloween Mart. The multi-colored Hawaiian leis allow an individual to match the leis with virtually any kind of outfit being worn.

The next time an invitation to attend a Hawaiian themed party is received or it is Hawaiian day at the office, be sure and shop from Halloween Mart to find great looking grass skirts and Hawaiian leis. The Halloween Mart also sells costumes for holidays such as Easter and Cinco de Mayo and events such as a birthday party, so take a look at what Halloween Mart has to offer in discounted costumes and accessories!

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