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Costume Glasses - Funny Glasses - Nerd Glasses

Part of the reason eyeglasses are such popular costume accessories is the many different styles of glasses and sunglasses that exist. Wearing glasses as a child can be a traumatic experience, but the whole “four-eyes” concept does not sting when the glasses are being worn as part of a Halloween costume. Rather than buy from an optical store that will charge high prices for eyeglasses shop from the Halloween Mart for costume glasses, funny glasses and nerd glasses for Halloween.
70's Square Piano Player Glasses
Price: $14.99
Zombie Glasses
Price: $2.99
Catwoman Goggles - The Dark Knight Rises
Price: $19.99
Steampunk Eyeglass Monocle
Price: $7.99
Nerd Glasses
Price: $4.99
Party Leaf Glasses
Price: $6.99
Rockin' Glow In The Dark Glasses
Price: $9.99
Red Bow Glasses
Price: $9.99
Horn Rimmed Clear Lens Glasses
Price: $7.99
Mardi Gras Glasses
Price: $9.99
Bumblebee Glasses
Price: $14.99
Optimus Prime Glasses
Price: $14.99
LED Starlet Glasses - Green
Price: $2.99
Uncle Sam Sun-Stache Glasses
Price: $12.99

Costume Glasses

The Halloween Mart has been selling Halloween costumes, costumes for other major holidays such as Christmas and events such as Cinco de Mayo since 1994. This was the first company to sell costumes strictly online, making it easy for customers to shop for Halloween costumes and accessories from the comfort of home. Clients could now buy their costumes and costume glasses without ever having to travel from one store to the next, hoping to locate the proper costume and funny glasses. Now nerd glasses for different kinds of outfits were available with a simple click of one’s mouse.

The Halloween Mart has an inventory today of more than 10,000 high quality costumes and sells many different kinds of accessories to complement any outfit. People that are dressing up in costumes as nerds, politicians, famous doctors and scientists, Elvis Presley or Harry Potter will find the perfect styles of costume glasses, nerd glasses and funny glasses from the Halloween Mart.

Funny glasses could be something as simple as the big framed glasses that clowns wear at the circus. That has been a classic style of funny glasses for decades. Other styles of funny glasses include party leaf glasses, gold dollar glasses, dice glasses, ace glasses, gold star glasses, space eyes and everyday beer goggles or St. Patrick’s Day beer goggles.

Different decades had unique styles of glasses and sunglasses. The Halloween Mart brings back those past decades to the present with costume glasses specific to the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. 50s costume glasses include cat eye rhinestone glasses and 60s glasses include round colored glasses. Costume glasses from the 70s include many different colors of wide framed seventies glasses that go go girls would wear, while 80s glasses come in many unique styles such as shutter glasses and Devo costume glasses.

The Halloween Mart caters to the nerds as well, so a collection of nerd glasses including Clark Kent glasses and nerd glasses with extra thick lenses are available. Nerd glasses are a big hit at Halloween and costume parties, so take a look at the selection of nerd glasses from Halloween Mart.

Halloween Mart can help any customer find costumes for other holidays that include Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July, plus costume glasses and other accessories for events like Mardi Gras. Take a look at the great looking costumes and accessories being sold today from the Halloween Mart!

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Results 41-54 of 5412