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Fake Costume Eyelashes and Glue

Costume False Eyelashes - Fake Beards - Fake Moustache

Many of the accessories available from Halloween Mart will be parts to add to the face. Depending on what type of costume is being worn costume false eyelashes, fake beards or a fake moustache may be needed. The Halloween Mart has these accessories and plenty more available every day.
Cinco De Mayo Stache
Price: $5.99
4th of July Stache
Price: $5.99
Gentleman Stache
Price: $5.99
Curler Stache
Price: $5.99
Disco Stache
Price: $5.99
Pirate Stache
Price: $5.99
Outlaw Stache
Price: $5.99

Costume False Eyelashes

Once an individual has purchased the type of costume he or she wants for Halloween or any other type of occasion, there may be a need to add some accessories to the outfit to make it 100% complete.

The Halloween Mart was established back in 1994. This company was the first online business to sell Halloween costumes and accessories, plus costumes for other holidays such as Easter and events such as school plays. The Halloween Mart sells its costumes and accessories at discounted prices.

Today the Halloween Mart has an inventory of more than 10,000 high quality costumes. Therefore, the amount of accessories needed for that many costumes is a large quantity, which means there will be several different kinds of fake beards and costume false eyelashes in stock. Different costumes require a different look, which means that a fake moustache that works well for one outfit may be the wrong fit for another.

Costume false eyelashes come in a variety of styles and colors. The different colors of costume false eyelashes from Halloween Mart include black flair, blue, gold, lime green, pink, purple, rainbow, red and silver. Peacock lashes are great to accentuate an individual’s blue eyes and glitzy crossed costume false eyelashes have a crisscross pattern and sparkles sprinkled throughout.

People that want to dress as a cowboy, biker, pirate, band member, President of the United States or national icon will find great looking fake beards from the Halloween Mart. There are fake beards in stock in styles such as Uncle Sam beards, Abraham Lincoln beards, captain’s beards, biker beards with moustache, Sharp Dressed Man beards and rustler goatees.

Customers of the Halloween Mart that prefer the look of a fake moustache over fake beards will find plenty of options as well. Some of the fake moustache styles include basic blonde or brown, dapper fake moustache in black or brown, cowboy fake moustache in brown or black and black or brown fake handlebar moustaches.

The costume false eyelashes and fake beards from the Halloween Mart are perfect accessories for any costume worn throughout the year, whether the outfit is for Halloween, Christmas, the Renaissance Faire or a birthday party. A fake moustache is also a great item to wear when just wanting to have a little fun with someone and dress in disguise. Shop from the Halloween Mart today for costumes and accessories sold at discounted prices!

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Results 121-127 of 1271234