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Clown Costume Masks and Jester Masks

Clown Halloween Costume Masks

Mime Zack Mask
Price: $44.99
Insano Clown Mask
Price: $34.99
Clown Mask
Price: $32.99
Evil Clown Mask
Price: $19.99
Evil Clown Half Mask
Price: $6.99
Serial Killer Mask - Clown
Price: $19.99
Chompo The Clown
Price: $54.99
Snake Tongue Evil Clown Mask
Price: $24.99
IT - Pennywise Mask w/ Hair
Price: $59.99
Color Change Killer Clown Mask
Price: $29.99
Zippo The Clown Mask
Price: $56.99
Captain Spaulding Deluxe Mask
Price: $59.99
Clown Skinner Mask
Price: $29.99
Horns The Clown Mask
Price: $44.99

Clown Costume Masks

Some of the most original Halloween costumes are ones that put a terrifying spin on someone or something we're all familiar with. A perfect example of this would be scary clown masks. Some say a typical clown is scary enough, but when a mask is designed with grotesque elements, it can elevate it into something that will haunt the dreams of those around you.

The most elaborate scary clown mask you'll find here at Halloween Mart is certainly the mask included with the Cotton Candy Clown costume. This mask is likely one of the largest masks you'll ever see, hanging down to the wearer's midsection when it's put on. If that isn't enough, this mask also features a grossly exaggerated mouth, complete with rotten teeth and a repulsively large tongue.

Being one of the more expensive costumes we carry, it's understandable this scary clown mask is out most peoples' price ranges. Fortunately, Halloween Mart is home to a wide variety of scary clown masks that don't come with costumes or accessories. This is probably the most affordable route to take if you want to look scary without emptying your wallet in the process.

In the Clowns subsection of our Masks category, you'll find an assortment of masks perfect for a costume party or Halloween night. All are rather similar in design, but subtle details distinguish one from the others. For example, the Punk'd Clown mask features a green Mohawk while others have shaggy orange or red hair. However, a trait common to all of these masks is a disgustingly toothy grin. Stare at anyone long enough while wearing one of our masks, and you'll surely make them a little uneasy.


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