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Celebrity Masks - Political Masks - President Obama Mask

Celebrity Masks - Political Masks - President Obama Mask

Masks make great costume accessories for just about any kind of costume. Masks are great to wear with animal costumes, clown outfits and slasher movie costumes. The real fun thing about wearing a mask is how an individual can either portray a true representation of the character he or she is playing or portray an off-the-wall type of representation. This is especially true when an individual dresses in costume as one of the country’s most recognized politicians or celebrities.
Billionaire Tycoon Mask
Price: $24.99
Bush Jr. Mask
Price: $24.99
Reagan Vinyl Mask
Price: $22.99
Nixon Mask
Price: $24.99
Palin Rogue Zombie
Price: $19.99
Republican Disguise Kit
Price: $9.99
Democratic Disguise Kit
Price: $9.99
KISS - The Demon Mask
Price: $59.99
Hillary Clinton Half Mask
Price: $10.99
Governor Chris Christie Half Mask
Price: $8.99
Obama Mask
Price: $10.00
KISS - Catman Mask
Price: $25.00
LMFAO - Robot Pete Headpiece with LED Lights
Price: $25.00
Toronto Twit Mask
Price: $15.00
Cheatah Mask
Price: $10.00

Celebrity Masks

Halloween gives people the chance to have some fun when dressed in costume and sometimes poking fun at a well-known figure is part of the process.

Halloween Mart was first established back in 1994. More than fifteen years later the company continues to be one of the best online sources for Halloween costumes, costumes for other occasions such as birthday parties and costumes for other important holidays such as Christmas and the Fourth of July. The Halloween Mart continues to be the costume choice for many clients because the company provides excellent customer service, affordable prices on all merchandise and a great selection of costumes, costume accessories and Halloween decorations. Today the Halloween Mart has an inventory of over 10,000 high quality costumes.

Since the company sells that many different styles of costumes it is necessary to carry a wide selection of costume accessories. People that decide to dress as a political figure or other kind of celebrity will be thoroughly amused with the collection of political masks and celebrity masks the Halloween Mart has to offer.

Society tends to poke fun at the politicians in the United States and what better way than wearing great looking political masks for Halloween? Several of the country’s presidents and other high profile political figures are great figures to play in costume. If a person plans to do this he or she needs to top off the costume with either realistic or funny looking political masks. Naturally some of the more popular political masks are of present and past presidents, including President Bush, President Reagan, President Nixon and President Kennedy. The Halloween Mart also has a President Obama mask and masks of his wife Michelle Obama. The President Obama mask comes in a couple of styles, depending on whether an individual wants to portray the typical look of President Obama or a zombie look.

Halloween Mart sells other celebrity masks that include Starchild and Catman masks from the group KISS, a couple of different Sarah Palin masks for the ladies and a cheatah mask that closely resembles a golfer on the PGA Tour.

Halloween Mart sells celebrity masks, political masks and many more types of accessories for costumes. Shop from the Halloween Mart today for great looking costumes for all occasions and accessories at discounted prices!

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