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Western Accessories - Felt Cowboy Hats - Indian Headdress Costume

Western Accessories - Felt Cowboy Hats - Indian Headdress Costume

Even when children are not dressing in costume for Halloween they can play with many different kinds of Western accessories such as the variety of fake toy guns the Halloween Mart has in stock. The Halloween Mart has Western accessories for sale such as felt cowboy hats and an Indian headdress costume.
Outlaw Stache
Price: $5.99
Indian Headdress Deluxe - Red/Orange
Price: $39.99
Deluxe Indian Breastplate
Price: $19.99
Cowboy Sun-Stache Sunglasses
Price: $12.99
Indian Headdress - Red/White/Black
Price: $14.99
Indian Headdress - Red/Black/Blue
Price: $34.99

Western Accessories

Dressing up as a cowboy or Indian are two very popular costume choices for both children and adults. Society has been influential in promoting the ongoing relationship between cowboys and Indians with a myriad of movies over the years, and boys have been playing cowboys and Indians since they were young children.

Halloween Mart was established back in 1994. This was the first online costume store to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for other major holidays such as Christmas and costumes for events such as the Renaissance Faire. The Halloween Mart maintains a strong reputation in the online world since the company consistently offers great customer service, has a great selection of costumes and sells its costumes at affordable prices. All costumes sold by the Halloween Mart are sold at discounted prices.

Today the Halloween Mart has an inventory of more than 10,000 high quality costumes, many of the outfits being cowboy or Indian costumes. The variety of cowboy and Indian costumes makes it easy to find great Western accessories to add to any outfit.

The Indian costumes available from the Halloween Mart come in adult and children sizes and are available in men’s and women’s styles. The Indian headdress costume could be worn by either ladies or men. The Halloween Mart has an Indian headdress costume with red, black, and white feathers and hangs down to approximately the waist. Another Indian headdress costume has pure white surrounding the head with the same color scheme on top of the head.

Cowboys need good looking hats to be wearing a true cowboy outfit. The Halloween Mart has a selection of felt cowboy hats and other types of cowboy hats in stock. One of the felt cowboy hats available from Halloween Mart is a brown felt hat. This particular style of hat matches many of the cowboy costumes the Halloween Mart has in stock.

Cowboys and Indians have plenty of other Western accessories in stock to add even more to the costume. Additional Western accessories for Indians include Indian drum rattles, spears, hunting knives and Indian chokers, while there are more Western accessories for cowboys that include Western air pistols, red bandanas, Western ties and Western rifles.

Shop from the Halloween Mart today to find a variety of Western accessories, cowboy costumes and Indian outfits at discounted prices. An Indian headdress costume is a perfect outfit to wear for Thanksgiving and felt cowboy hats could be used for school plays. The Halloween Mart has a variety of costumes and accessories that could be worn for a variety of holidays and events throughout the year!

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Results 41-46 of 4612