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Superhero Masks - Movie Props - Movie Costume Replicas

Superhero Masks - Movie Props - Movie Costume Replicas

Dressing in costume as a movie or television star is one of the more popular costume choices for both children and adults. Many of those characters had their origins in comic books that people grew up reading and many are superheroes that people have come to admire and respect. The Halloween Mart has a large collection of superhero, movie character and television character costumes. This also means that Halloween Mart has plenty of accessories for these costumes that include superhero masks, movie props and movie costume replicas.
Darth Vader Breathing Device
Price: $9.99
Avatar Navi Makeup Kit
Price: $5.00
Red Star Crown of Wonder
Price: $29.99
Cat In The Hat - Adult Hat
Price: $14.99
Hulk Beanie
Price: $19.99
Spider-Man Knit Laplander Hat
Price: $19.99
Dr Seuss Lorax Accessory Kit
Price: $19.99
Dr. Seuss Detachable Thing Numbers 0-9
Price: $7.99
Dr Seuss - Thing Wig
Price: $24.99
Bunny Accessory Kit Black
Price: $19.99
Doctor Who The Fourth Doctor Scarf - 6ft
Price: $29.99

Movie Props

The Halloween Mart was first established back in 1994. This company was the first to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for other major holidays such as Easter and Cinco de Mayo, plus events that occur each year such as birthday parties. Halloween Mart has been part of the world of ecommerce for over fifteen years since the company believes in giving the best possible customer service to its clients, offers a great selection of costumes and accessories and sells its merchandise at affordable prices. The items sold by Halloween Mart are always for sale at discounted prices.

The movie costumes and superhero outfits are just a small part of the more than 10,000 high quality costumes offered each day by the Halloween Mart. Once a customer has selected the superhero or movie character he or she wants to play for Halloween, then the process begins of searching for the perfect accessories to go with the costume.

The Halloween Mart has costumes for superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Iron Man and Wonder Woman. Some of these superheroes wear masks when fighting crime. Halloween Mart has a couple of different superhero masks for Batman, one being a full style that attaches in the back with a 6" strip of velcro. A different sort of superhero was the character Guy Fawkes from the movie “V for Vendetta”. The Halloween Mart has V for Vendetta basic and deluxe masks for people wanting play the character fighting the oppression of corrupt government.

Movie props play a big part in cinema. Therefore, the movie props offered by the Halloween Mart are great accessories for any costume. Take a look at some of the movie props that include Walter’s glasses from “The Big Lebowski”, the whip from “Indiana Jones”, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s light saber, the Harry Potter sorting hat and a Green Lantern light up ring. There are plenty of additional movie props available from the Halloween Mart.

Customers can select from a number of movie costume replicas that include Miyagi Dojo and Cobra Kai headbands, Albus Dumbledore hats and deluxe Freddy fedora hats. Movie costume replicas are designed specifically to make it easy for anyone to see the accessory and instantly know what movie that particular piece represents.

Halloween Mart sells movie and superhero costumes that can be worn for birthday parties and theme parties as well as Halloween. Be sure to take a look at the costumes and accessories such as superhero masks available today from the Halloween Mart!

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Results 81-91 of 91123