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Fake Cigarettes - Costume Cigarette Holders - Corn Cob Pipe

Fake Cigarettes - Costume Cigarette Holders - Corn Cob Pipe

Some costumes need a little something extra when being worn to really get across the full effect. Gangsters, detectives, flappers and dancers are characters that sometimes smoke cigarettes. However, what if an individual does not smoke but really needs to use a cigarette or pipe as part of a costume? The Halloween Mart makes that process easy with a supply of fake cigarettes, costume cigarette holders and a corn cob pipe that look just like the real thing.
Marijuana Leaf EL Panel Cap
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Green Party Leaf Suspenders
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Party Leaf Beanie
Price: $9.99
Fake Puff Cigarettes
Price: $4.99
Jumbo Puff Cigar
Price: $3.99
Pipe Corncob
Price: $5.99
Detective Pipe
Price: $4.99
Cigarette Holder Gold Plated
Price: $3.99
Big Daddy Cigarette Holder
Price: $7.49
Bachelor's Pipe
Price: $3.99
Cigar Jamaican
Price: $6.99
Elegant Cigarette Holder
Price: $5.99
Cigarette Holder
Price: $3.99

Fake Cigarettes

Halloween Mart was established back in 1994. This was the first internet based company to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for other major holidays such as the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, plus other occasions such as office parties and Mardi Gras. The Halloween Mart became popular and maintained a loyal client base due to its commitment to strong customer service and a collection of great looking costumes sold at affordable prices. All costumes and accessories are always sold from the Halloween Mart at discounted prices. This includes the corn cob pipe, fake cigarettes and costume cigarette holders that can be used with several of the costumes that the Halloween Mart sells.

Since children will sometime wear costumes of characters that smoke, using fake cigarettes is a much safer and more appropriate accessory. It would be hard to imagine seeing an individual dressed as Sherlock Holmes without seeing the trademark detective pipe in that person’s mouth. There simply are times when dressing in costume that smoking something is a vital part of the costume. That is the reason Halloween Mart makes sure to stock different types of fake cigarettes and costume cigarette holders.

Customers that are dressing as Frosty the Snowman or Popeye will love the corn cob pipe offered by the Halloween Mart. This corn cob pipe looks just like the real thing from the cartoons and makes a great accessory to those costumes.

When an individual is looking for a classier look when smoking fake cigarettes, such as a person playing a flapper for Halloween, the Halloween Mart has a great selection of costume cigarette holders. There are gold plated costume cigarette holders, Big Daddy costume cigarette holders and elegant costume cigarette holders.

The fake cigarettes from Halloween Mart include fake puff cigarettes and a jumbo puff cigar. These fake cigarettes will cause people to think an individual is smoking real nicotine without any of the effects of actually smoking.

Shop from the Halloween Mart when in need of any accessories such as fake cigarettes for any costume. The Halloween Mart also has costumes for Christmas and Cinco de Mayo, so be sure to take a look at the selection of accessories and costumes available from the Halloween Mart!

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