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Medical Accessories - Doctor Lab Coat - Nurse Costume Accessories

Medical Accessories - Doctor Lab Coat - Nurse Costume Accessories

Doctor and nurse outfits are popular choices with adults and children when dressing up in costume for Halloween. People in the medical profession are respected and often imitated by children. Kids enjoy playing the role of a nurse or doctor because of the uniforms people from that profession wear and the equipment they use. The Halloween Mart has a great supply of medical accessories and nurse costume accessories on sale every day of the year.
Price: $5.99
Garter with Hypo Needle
Price: $4.99
Realistic Hypo Needle
Price: $5.99
Nurse Hat
Price: $5.99
Doctor Kit
Price: $6.99
Dr. Lab Kit
Price: $9.99
Doctor's Lab Coat Costume
Price: $19.99
Mad Scientist Lab Coat Plus
Price: $24.99
Doctor Childrens Lab Coat
Price: $19.99
Crystal Stethoscope
Price: $29.99

Medical Accessories

Halloween Mart was first established back in 1994. This was the first online store to sell Halloween costumes and costumes for other major holidays such as Valentine’s Day. The Halloween Mart also sells costumes and accessories for special events such as Mardi Gras. People have been using the Halloween Mart for over fifteen years to find quality doctor and nurse costumes, medical accessories and a doctor lab coat because Halloween Mart offers great customer service, affordable prices and a great selection of costumes. Today Halloween Mart has more than 10,000 high quality costumes for sale and all costumes and accessories are sold at discounted prices.

Doctor and nurse costumes are popular costume picks and can be worn for many occasions other than just Halloween. The Halloween Mart has many nurse costume accessories to add to any nursing outfit and a doctor lab coat that anyone playing a doctor for Halloween could wear. Many of the medical accessories sold by Halloween Mart look just like the real thing from any doctor’s office or hospital. Many other medical accessories are designed to be humorous and not something an individual wants to see in any medical facility!

When someone is dressed as a nurse for Halloween there are several nurse costume accessories that could be worn. There is a classic pair of white nurse boots with red first aid symbols on the sides. The white nurse hat, also with the red first aid logo is perfect for any “hospital honey”. However, if the young lady playing the role of nurse desires a sexier and naughtier look, she could add naughty nurse opaque thigh highs, a garter with hypo needle or a naughty nurse bustier to the look.

The long white doctor lab coat is a classic accessory in the wardrobe for any doctor. The Halloween Mart has a doctor lab coat for adults and children, as well as a mad scientist lab coat plus costume.

Make sure to remember grabbing some medical accessories to complete any doctor or nurse costume! There are medical accessories in stock from the Halloween Mart that include stethoscopes, syringes filled with “blood”, nurse pill purses and IVs that require tequila instead of saline.

The Halloween Mart has medical accessories, doctor costumes and nurse outfits on sale today. Shop from the Halloween Mart for Christmas costumes, tailgate party outfits, Fourth of July costumes and beauty pageant outfits for sale at discounted prices!

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