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Gangster and Flapper Costume Accessories

Flapper Accessories - Gangster Hats - Fedora Hat

The crime era of the twenties was a famous time in history. The outfits worn by the gangsters and flappers from this era made those individuals stand out in society. Today gangster and flapper costumes are popular costume choices for Halloween and the Halloween Mart has a variety of flapper accessories and gangster hats to accompany any flapper or gangster costume.
Big Daddy Fake Money $100
Price: $2.99
Double Gun Zipper Holster
Price: $14.99
Silver Flapper Headband
Price: $9.99
Gold Flapper Headband
Price: $14.99
Sassy Brown Wig
Price: $22.99
Skinny White Tie
Price: $4.99
Cloche Hat
Price: $14.99
Sequin Beret - Black
Price: $9.99
Red Tie
Price: $4.99
Feather Headband - Silver/White
Price: $12.99
Feather Headband - Black/White
Price: $14.99
Long Crystal Dangling Earrings - Silver
Price: $19.99
Deluxe Shoe Spats - Black
Price: $5.00

Flapper Accessories

The Halloween Mart was created back in 1994. This company was the first of its kind, an internet based business that sold costumes for Halloween and other holidays during the year such as Easter. Halloween Mart also sells costumes for special events such as school plays, one other type of event when flapper and gangster costumes could be worn. A fedora hat and flapper accessories plus any type of costume are always sold at discounted prices when shopping from the Halloween Mart. Today Halloween Mart sells more than 10,000 high quality costumes to its customers.

That many costumes mean the Halloween Mart has to stock an extensive supply of accessories. A costume from Halloween Mart will always have the proper look, but additional accessories can do wonders to really make the costume a special outfit. A gangster or flapper outfit simply is not complete without some additional accessories as part of the wardrobe.

Ladies dressing in costume as a flapper have a certain image to maintain. Flappers dressed in outfits that showed clear disdain for what “proper ladies” wore during the 1920s. This is part of the reason why flapper outfits are popular costume picks, the chance to have a little fun while dressed in costume. The Halloween Mart sells a variety of flapper accessories to complement any flapper costume. For example, feather boas are exceptional flapper accessories and come in a variety of colors to match any outfit. Other flapper accessories include a flapper headband that come in black, gold, red or silver, garters and armbands in matching colors, elegant cigarette holders, pearl bracelets and platinum white wigs. There are many other types of flapper accessories, so be sure to check the Halloween Mart for the latest types.

Gangsters wore great looking gangster hats during this era. One of the more popular hat styles was the fedora hat. Gangsters that wore a fedora hat portrayed a look that combined class with power, a look that let other people know who was in charge. A fedora hat comes in black, brown or white and is perfect for any Halloween Mart customer looking to top off a gangster costume.

Halloween Mart has costumes for holidays such as the Fourth of July and Christmas as well as events such as the Renaissance Faire and tailgate parties. Take a look at the costumes Halloween Mart has on sale today as well as the accessories such as gangster hats and flapper accessories. Shop from the Halloween Mart for all costumes and accessories such a fedora hat being sold at discounted prices!

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Results 41-61 of 6112