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80s Jelly Bracelets - Neon Fishnet Clothing - Neon Leg Warmers

80s Jelly Bracelets - Neon Fishnet Clothing - Neon Leg Warmers

Izod shirts, penny loafers, neon leg warmers and 80s jelly bracelets are just a few of the clothing and accessory items from the eighties that come to mind when reminiscing about the decade. The Halloween Mart has neon fishnet clothing and many other styles of 80s clothing and accessories available when costume shopping for Halloween.
Pink Dance Crop Top
Price: $29.99
Multi-Star Dangle Earrings
Price: $8.99
80's Neon Tile Belt
Price: $14.99
Dangling Single Row Star Earring - Silver
Price: $14.99
Dangling Single Row Heart Earring - Silver
Price: $14.99
Twisted Wire Hoop Earrings
Price: $19.99
Leg Warmers - Neon Green
Price: $13.99
Gold Lame' Leggings
Price: $10.00
Denim Look Leggings
Price: $10.00
Piano Key Necktie
Price: $5.00
Rosary & Key Necklace
Price: $4.99
Long Rocker Wig - Black
Price: $29.99

80s Jelly Bracelets

The eighties were a wonderful decade, a period of great music, art, movies and television shows that have become a vital part of pop culture. The decade of the eighties was also ten years of unique and often times flamboyant outfits, big hair and bright colors. Today there are clubs that host 80s nights to give people the opportunity to relive this decade of excess and dress up in classic 80s gear.

The Halloween Mart has been in business since 1994. This company was the first to offer an opportunity to buy Halloween costumes and costumes for other major holidays, plus costumes for other events such as the Renaissance Faire from the comfort of home online. Since the Halloween Mart is an internet based company costs to operate the business are less than if there were storefronts to operate. Therefore, Halloween Mart is able to pass on the savings to its clients and offer costumes for sale at discounted prices. Today the Halloween Mart is able to offer more than 10,000 high quality costumes, including 80s costumes to its customers. Selling costumes from the eighties also means having a variety of 80s accessories in stock that include neon leg warmers and 80s jelly bracelets.

The 80s saw the rise of new wave and punk music, preppy styles of clothing and loud, bright colors. Ladies dressed in outfits that featured layers of clothing with many different necklaces and other jewelry pieces to complement the wardrobe. 80s jelly bracelets were one of the many different accessories that became very popular during this decade. Girls wore many bracelets at one time, so the 80s jelly bracelets from Halloween Mart come in sets of ten.

Neon colors became incredibly popular during the eighties. Clothing such as shirts and shorts began to be made in neon colors. Ladies also has neon leg warmers and neon fishnet clothing to wear at that time, both of which make great Halloween costumes today. Neon leg warmers come in green, hot pink, orange and yellow. Ladies will love the hot looking neon fishnet clothing from Halloween Mart, including industrial fishnet pantyhose and fence net thigh high neon fishnet clothing.

The Halloween Mart caters to customers looking for 80s jelly bracelets and neon leg warmers when creating the perfect 80s costume. Halloween Mart also sells plenty of costumes for other holidays such as Thanksgiving and Easter, plus neon fishnet clothing for an eighties themed birthday party. Check with the Halloween Mart today to find great looking costumes at great prices!

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Results 81-104 of 104123