Knight of the Round Table Plus Costume

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$49.99 $30.00

Size Information

Fits chest sizes up to 54.


Follow the chivalry of the Knights of the Round Table to give mercy and avoid wrongful quarrels. Or maybe you'd like to search for the holy grail, obtain shrubbery for the knights who say "Ni, " or perhaps even eat an annoying minstrel. Either way, our Knight of the Round Table costume is bound for smashing success! Includes a studded cloth helmet, chain mail styled aventail, gauntlets, and belt, a long sleeved inner robe with squared Anglo-Saxon style bottom cut, and an outer royal blue tunic with double sword and shield crest on the chest (not the same crest as shown). Fits up to 54" chest size. Fortify your costume with a sword and shield, or even a trusty steed to help crusade the night away.